Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Which, for Entirely Selfish Reasons, Savannah and I Do Fan Art

In other words: I come back with a bang. Hey guys!

So what are these selfish reasons, you may ask? One word: contest. But not just ANY contest. The first ever fan art/fiction/video/song contest by Sierra Winterbreeze! (If you haven't heard of it, I suggest you check out her blog and get started. The deadline is supposedly Feburary 1st, people!)

So basically, Savannah and I were more than happy to test our skills in this glorious event. And this was the easiest way to post our entries. So Sierra, here they are. The rest of you are welcome to take a look too.

First, here is Savannah's picture. And if I do say so myself, it is excellent.

*Sigh,* she's so artistic. Unfortunately, she wanted to edit it, but she was taking too long. So Sierra, I may have to send you her other version.

Anyway, these next few are mine. Yes, I did say FEW. Because, as you can probably recall from a certain incendent involving an English teacher, a page limit, and a short story prompt, I tend to overdo things.

So I did a drawing for each seeker, with their spiral guardian behind them. (By the way, Sierra, it's okay to treat them all as one entry. I don't want any edges...let's just say that I drew them too big to fit on one paper for your convenience.) Sorry; you may have to tilt you head, but that was only because I could figure out how to rotate them. Plus, the lighting and quality are bad, but let's kindly ignore that.

First, the valiant leader of the Seekers, Sierra.

Next we have Sydney. (This one just MIGHT be my favorite.)

Savanna hand I had a little trouble with Victoria, since neither of us knew what she looked like. Well, actually, that's true for all the Seekers except Sydney, Sierra, and Rowan. But I think it ended up turning out okay.

This is Mark. Standing on a grave with a smile on his face. (He struck me as the type of person who would do that. :3)

Hunter. >3<

Liam and Vanessa, the only ones out of the bunch who don't look remotely happy. Party poopers.

And THIS is Rowan, which happens to be another of my favorites.

I guess that's it, everyone. Sierra, I hope you enjoy our fan art, and good luck with the contest!