Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia and Other Stuff

So, in case you have been living under a rock or something, it wouldn't surprise you to know that Celestia is now on the live game.



Well I'll tell you.

1. I haven't yet completed the "Final Countdown" quest. This makes me unqualified to start questing there.

2. I am out of crowns...again. :( So I can't buy the area.

3. So just buy more crowns, Sarah! Um...yeah, there's sort of a problem with that.

Ok, so it's like this.  I was scrolling down on my iPod touch, which I can access the internet from. I was on the W101 website, on the "My Account" page. And as I was scrolling down, I accidentally pressed the "Forgot Parental Control Password" button.

Your new password will be sent to you shortly.


Big deal, right? It's not as if email is completely unknown to us. (Us meaning my family and I.) But we changed emails! And we don't get the old one anymore!

So basically... No parental control access = No crowns.

Big oops.

You know, I just realized that I don't like touch screens as much as I once thought.

Anyway, we contacted KI a few weeks ago, telling them about the switch. Note the "few weeks ago." We're still waiting for the email. Or at least we think it will be an email. Will it?

*Sigh* I'm seriously debating starting a new account.

So the first few days Celestia is out, I will be wallowing in self-pity rather than going on W101, because those few days, EVERYONE will be on. And the more crowded the site is, the more the site startes skipping and the more my laptop acts up. Trust was that way when Grizzleheim first opened up.

*Sigh again* Well, on the bright side I have a follower now! Thanks Emma! ;)

Hope y'all enjoy Celestia. 'Cause I can't.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tour of Sarah Spiritheart (A Tale in Pictures)

Since it'll give me something to post about, how about I show you guys my house? Just the outside this time, so next time I post I can show you inside.

So anyway, this is me in front of my Marleybonian Mansion, welcoming you into my home.

Not many people know this, but I'm developing my own fashion line. This is where I keep all of my designs.
Hello up there!
Ugh, looks like the guards up there are sleeping again. And they want a RAISE? Not gonna happen, sorry.

This is my hall of trees. Come on, a life wizard's got to have some trees. Anyway, there's a different tree for every ledge that sticks out into the water.

My courtyard, lined with bushes and lava fountains. Very homey.

My hall of trees from above.

Ah yes. I...don't exactly have a name for this room yet. But it looks cool, I guess.
And there's MORE...

Behold...Selena Gomez's new backup dancers! :D
Forget the crabs; these guys are much better. They're trained professionals.

My river, which, by the way, I was NOT pleased to know that I could not go swimming in. How unfair is that? This huge house and I don't even have a swimming pool!

Random dragon head.

Yeah...this area's still under construction. I even hired a cat handyman, but for some reason he doesn't do much...

Forgot to check my mail...
Empty again. Maybe I should get one of those mail-filled ones instead...

And this is my overcrowded backyard. Basically, I crammed everything in here that I couldn't fit anywhere else.

So who is buried here? No one really knows, except for me. Actually, it's a very interesting story how I acquired the body,'s a story for another post. Yeah...

So that's it for the outside of my house. Sorry for those green floating 24's that occasionally get in the way. Stay tuned when I take you around the inside!
-Sarah Spiritheart

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tale of Sarah Spiritheart Parts 1-9

I FINALLY figured out how to do those separate page links! (So proud of myself!)

So, if you look under the not-so-awesome picture at the top, you'll see two tabs. One says "Home." That's my blog. The one that says "My story" is the link to The Tale of Sarah Spiritheart. So for those of you who missed a part or something, it's all there.

Gosh, my laptop's slow today. It took me about 10 minutes just to type that one paragraph, and about 40 minutes to post my story. Now I don't have time to go on Wizard101. :( Oh well. Tomorrow, maybe.

Well, I guess I have to cut this post short. *grr...I hate my laptop...*


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a little bit about my blog...

Hi everybody! It's Sarah Spiritheart: Level 48 Theurgist, Wizard101 fanatic, and Wizard101 fan fiction author.

Welcome to my new blog! *excited squeal*

Okay...not currently much to look at, I know. Seriously, I know nothing, NOTHING about blogging. I'm just starting to figure this out.

So, I'll just give a little introduction about what this blog's all about. Basically, this is where I post all my information about my story (The Tale of Sarah Spiritheart) and about my adventures on Wizard101, which won't be nearly as epic as anyone else's because  I don't use Text Chat. :(

There will also be several failed attempts at humor. Here you'll find lame jokes about my nonexistant fame, lame jokes about my experiences in Wizard101, and sometimes lame jokes about lame jokes.

For those of you who are wondering when and where I'm going to post my story, hang in there. I'll figure it out eventually. But like I said, I don't know anything about blogging. So it could be a while.

So I guess that's it! See you around! And I hope you enjoy my blog!