Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Sister Really Wants to Put Something Up Here, So...

Oh whatever. It's the 20th post anyway. I think I should put up something special for you guys.

For anyone who doesn't know, Savannah Swiftsong is my younger sister, who us also the closest to me in age. In the game, she is a level twenty six thamaturge. She also has a story up on the creative writing section, which, besides the fact that she hasn't updated in forever, us actually very good.

So here she is. I'll let her do the writing now.

Hiya, I am Savannah Swiftsong. I do have a story on fan fiction, but I haven't continued it in like, forever. I think Sarah is wrong about my level because I have been pining to wear level twenty-five level clothes, so I'm actually a level twenty-four. I'm still getting over the shock of Sarah having a blog, because my parents are not the type to let you frolic away, doing as you please on the Internet. Hopefully I can get one too. :D The reason I haven't played Wizard101 in a while is because we have a Wii and I just got a new game for it. I've just begun to play again. Thanks Sarah for letting me post!

So yeah, that's her. (Haha...sorry I got her level wrong...) Her story's called the Tale of Savannah Swiftsong, which I'll probably post here sometime. Until then, part one can be found in the august 2009 section of creative writing, and part 2 can be found in September 2009. They're awesome, so go ahead and check them out!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope all of you had a very happy holiday so far! I know I did. And here's how mine went!

Favorite Present:
Gosh, that's hard to say. Maybe either a new electric guitar or a replica of the necklace Hermione Granger wore in HP4.

Least Favorite Present: parents installed this thing on my laptop that causes it to shut down after you've played an hour. But that really can't be called a present.

Most Unfair Present Recieved By Another Sibling:
I had to have this topic, mostly because I still can't figure out why my sister Sadie, who is 5 years younger than me got a Nitendo DS, something my sister Savannah and I have been denied for years.

I Ended Up Waking Up At:
5:00 in the morning, but with three younger siblings and two pets, I don't really have a choice in the matter.

Number of Relatives Now Staying at Our House
3: My grandparents and my aunt. And the six of us. It's a tight fit.

Grand Total of Wii Games Recieved
Wait for it...7. I think.

Time at Which We Ate "Dinner"
2:00. We had ham and potatoes and other vegetables and bread.

Did I Eat Anything Else Today Besides at Dinner?
Yes. Cookies. And a Yule log shaped chocolate cake. That was yummy.

What Samuel is Doing Right Now
He is throwing a temper tantrum because Sadie touched one of his presents.

Portion of the Day Spent Playing New Wii Games
Basically whenever we weren't eating or unwrapping our presents.

Portion of the Day Spent playing Wizard101
None of it. Which is why I don't have a holiday themed picture to share with you all. Sorry.

Current State of the Weather:
Snow, snow and SNOW! :D

Best Part of the Day
Um, maybe...PRESENTS?

Worst Part of the Day
Samuel throwing a temper tantrum because Sadie touched one of his presents. He's in his room now.

What Did I Give Everyone for Christmas?
For Savannah. I got the Manga version of Maximum Ride. I got Sadie a cute graphic T-shirt. For Samuel I got a Nerf gun. And I'm already regretting it.

Completely Irrelevant...How's ODAD Coming?
I finished Part 2! :D

And...oh yeah. Most Annoying Present of All Time
Samuel's Zhu Zhu pet. It's driving me insane.

So how did y'alls Christmas go? Post a comment! (If you like.)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So fantastical that it can only be expressed in pictures.

Wow that was short. =D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ODAD Update/Spoiler

ODAD. Of Dragons and Drakes. I thinks it's a bit soon to show you all what I have so far. I'm only on part 2, after all. And I just posted part 10 of TTOSS. But I can tell you a bit about it and how it's coming along.

So far, I think it's going to be a nine chapter series. I might need more depending on the length of the parts; I already had to split one in half. Anyway, I have it all planned out in terms of who's who and what's going to happen in each chapter. I just need to actually get on and WRITE.

You see, the six month period in which no creative writing was posted has REALLY weakened my resolve. I started over the siummer. I am now on part 2. You see my point? Anyways, I hope that having a blog will now force me to write some more. But it's just SO HARD with Celestia out and everythig else...

Okay. Back to the story.

As I have said previously, it is a past story. And along with creating events that foreshadow what happens in TTOSS, one of the most fun things about creating a past story is that I got to come up with a whole new Ravenwood staff.

Only a few of them have major parts in my story. Some of them aren't even mentioned, but I probably will mention them in later parts now that I know they exist and everything.

 Lucias Frost: I swear, I made him up just now, just to have an ice teacher. I kind of imagine him like some of the bosses in Dragonspyre. You know, longish hair, huge nose, wiggly fingers. Only covered in icicles. That'd be cool. Like he could come from a completely different world or something.

Milford Drywrath: Yes, his name really is Milford. He hates it though, and he tries his hardest to hide it from the students. (Although Malistaire somehow found out...) He's the death teacher at Ravenwood. Standard evil and biased teacher: hatefully sarcastic, horrible temper, and only nice to Cyrus, the top student.

Lorraine Serevina: Contrasting to our friend Milford, Lorraine is the life teaher at Ravenwood. Ultimately, she is what every student would want in a teacher. Very kind, generous, funny when things get boring. She also knows her students very well; she is very wise and gives advice whenever they need it. She has a pretty major role, especially in the first few parts of the story.

Anton Belwick: Myth teaher. I mentioned him once so far and that's about it. I've always pictured him having a goatee. :D

Celeste Delcana: I had fun coming up with her name. I noticed that "Falmea" is an anagram for "flame" except for the "a" at the end. So I used this concept with the word "candle." I think it's fun to add elements like that.

Ezekeil Tiin 'Ahkt Tum: I don't think you even need to think about this one. He's the balance teacher. And he is a Krok. Every school day he makes the journey over to Ravenwood to teach the balance students. Since they have no classroom, they learn outside. And someimes they go over to Krokotopia to the classroom there.

Sloan TitanFist: Storm teacher. He has a temper and is abnormally strong. No, he ISN'T used as a foreshadowing element...

Mr. Reagan: He's the school administrator, who happens to be a pelecan. His was another name I happened to have fun with, so I even came up with the administrators before him. Mr. Taft the flamingo, Mr. Wilson the vulture, etc...

Ricardo:  I didn't want to have too many family ties within the staff, but here is the one exception. Ricardo is Diego's uncle. Still Spanish, still a unicorn.

Harold Argleston: He's actually young! XD

Merle Ambrose: And, no, he is still pretty old in this one. I picture old Merle as really, REALLY old. Ancient, even. There are rumors that he actually founded Ravewood...657 years ago! So how old is he really? He's certainly not telling.

So I guess that's it. I'll post more of these later on. Random updates, just so you know what I'm working on.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I Wish You Could Say With Menu Chat

A recent experience on W101 had me wishing there were certain things that could be said with menu chat. So I'll just share my thoughts on the matter with you all. In list form! :D

For the regular chat menu:

1. What do you want to do?
Perfect for the indecisive, or those who want to give others the option of choosing the day's activities. And if I know one thing, I am very indecisive. As of now I have been using "Lead the way," as a substitute, but not everyone gets the point.

2. The word "Yay!" or at least adding an "h" to "Yea!" which looks a bit weird. At times "Hooray!" doesn't cut it either.

3.And can something PLEASE be done about the tab labeled Quests? I have so many unfinished quests that my list of places is sky high, through the top of the screen. So now I can never say what quest I'm working on. Maybe they need to rethink that...

For the battle chat menu:

1. I have to go.
I can't tell you how many times Ive had to leave a battle leaving no explanation whatsoever. Maybe if they had that phrase there it would be more self-explanatory.
And for future reference, if I say "I have to flee," during a battle, it can usually translate to, "My parents are forcing me off."

2. Sorry
Can you believe they don't have this on the battle chat menu? What happens if you accidentally use up a friend's trap or make another stupid move during a fight? You can't apologize for it, Which makes you seem a bit...cold, maybe?

Ah well, it doesnt really matter anyway...

...because my parents are letting me get text chat!!!

Only we've run into a few minor difficulties (again) with the parental control system, so I don't know when. Hopefully by Christmas!

See ya soon! Maybe with text chat!

~Sarah Spiritheart~

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ugh...don't feel so well...

First, one night, Samuel started throwing up. Then Sadie caught whatever it was from him. And now I have it. Not fun. I had to spend the whole freaking day in bed, whenever I so much as stand I get the urge to vomit, and I havent been able to get on W101 all day. In fact, I've only managed to type this up because I have my iTouch with me at the moment.

Luckily, Samuel and Sadie only had it for about a day, so I'll possibly be on tomorrow.

Until then, all I can do right now is homework. Oh, and study for exams. Lucky me. :(

Although my mom's gone to the library to get some books. I don't know how long she'll be though.

Yeah, sorry. I know y'all have got better things to do today than listen to me drone on about how sick I'm feeling. So I'll just end this post now.


Friday, December 10, 2010

These 3 things just made my day!

1. Gardening has come to W101, which I think will be a totally new and awesome addition to the game! YAY LIFE!

2. I met up with Sierra Winterbreeze in the game today. AND she introduced me to Sydney! :D (And her brother Hunter, I guess.) We all helped Hunter with a certain fellow named Katzenstein. (We kept getting pulled into battles, though.) And now Sydney's my friend, so yet another YAY! It was nice meeting you two!


There was a certain level of awkwardness about it.'t have text chat, so I couldn't understand about 99.9% of what they were saying. I mean, they were nice and switched to menu chat whenever they could, but still...I couldn't just interrupt an intense "..." conversation with some random outburst that had nothing to do with it because I didn't have any idea what they were saying.

Which brings me to #3.

3. Today, I finally decided enough was enough and went to my mom about it with what must have been a pretty persuasive argument. And after giving it a lot of thought, she said that she would talk to my dad about it. And maybe if I did all my homework, studied for exams (they start Monday!D: ) practice guitar, and work on a community service project I've been meaning to start, maybe, MAYBE, she might consider it!

I might get text chat!

So that is why I am so happy today. Enjoy it while it lasts. Like I said, exams are coming up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Prequel

So, with TTOSS done, did you just think I was gonna retire or something? Nope! ;) I don't do retiring, for those of you who don't know.'s my new idea!!

Of Dragons and Drakes

Yeah? You like? Catchy? A little? Maybe?

IDK. I was gonna name it Of a Staff. But I think this is much better. Either way, it's kinda stuck like that; I just sent it in.

ODAD (that's how I'm abbreviating it) is the story of the life of all the Drakes, in FULL DETAIL. Ambrose may have told bits and pieces of it to Sarah, but this is the real thing. All of it. From adolescence to death, which may not have even been a death at all. *hint hint*

It begins just before Cyrus, Malistaire, and Sylvia's graduation. Cyrus keeps having these funny dreams Sylvia is just beginning to discover her true healer powers. And Malistaire? Well, at that point he's just kinda there as a comic relief character. But as the story goes on, he begins to reveal more depth to him.

There will be new characters, ones I completely made up. Questions raised in TTOSS will be answered. (hopefully) There will be more mysteries waiting to be solved in yet ANOTHER series...uh...yeah...more later on that...

I think so far it's going to be awesome. I'm even starting to like it better that my original story!

I'll go on about it in more detail later. Right now Ive got to go. Bye!


Friday, December 3, 2010

The Supposed Spiral's Greatest Necromancer...YEAH RIGHT!

I think y'all know what that means.

That's right. The alleged unbeatable Malistaire got PWNED!

Okay, so MAYBE I had the help of a level 60 pyromancer. (Sloan Skyrider.)
And MAYBE he did know that genie spell.
 Which is a pretty cool spell anyway.

Anyway...onto Malistaire's final moments on this Spiral. it comes...

...and apparently, he thinks he's too good for life shields. (Hehe...I love being life.)...

And the big moment...WHAM! Direct hit!

Aww...a happy endi--WHOA HOLD ON WHAT?
Sylvia Drake's hair is brown? BROWN?! I completely messed that up in the story! How could I have been that stupid? Ugh!

Anyways...the other thing I noticed was how much...taller he is than her. Look...look at that. It's kinda weird.

So now I am an official Saviour of the Spiral. AND I got an awesome robe from Malistaire's chest! Malistaire's Pugatory(?) Cloak. I forget what it's called, but it gives a Centaur card. One can never have too many centaurs.

I'd like to send a special shout-out to Sloan Skyrider, who helped me with this. Thanks to you, I got through the Great Spyre in, like 40 minutes. (Every time we approached a battle area, I'd go in, he'd go around the circle, I'd flee, and then teleport back to him. Genius!) There was also someone else there. But - yeah - I forgot his name. He was one of my newer friends though. And he was Balance, so thank you whoever you are!

Saviour of the Spiral OUT! :)