Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Back!

From vacation!

Which I actually should have told you about before we left I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

On the bright side, the very long car rides to and from our destination gave more time to work on my story, so that's coming along nicely. And yes, I did have a very good time, thank you. It was nice and sunny all week. We got to go swimming and see dolphins and play table tennis and that sort of thing. It was great.

So yeah, that means spring break is over. Back to school. It's going to be tortureful.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And on a completely unrelated topic, we've finally seen some activity in the fanfiction section!

They say they're working on a whole new way to display fanfiction! Ooh...what could it be? Now I'm all excited!

I gotta go now, but I'll post again soon! I PROMISE!

Sarah 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sorry guys. I'd have posted sooner, BUT my dad blew up a cable or something and we've been without cable TV, phone, and Internet for the entire weekend. :( It's been completely tortureful. Is that a word? Tourturous, maybe?

So, here are some things going on right now.

IN W101: One of my friends online has recently gotten text chat. Congratz to Michelle Mythheart!

OMG!!!: I totally forgot to sister, Sadie Sparkleblade turned (number) years old on...heh...Feburary 15! Happy belated belated belated...belated birthday!

ODAD: part three is currently two and a half pages long. Making progress...yeah, not much...

WHY?: Because I have, like, two other stories AND a song I'm working on. It's hard.

POLL: Hmm, not bad. I got, what, six votes? That's about six more than I was expecting. Feel free to look at the results, because I know I'm going to put off taking them down about two weeks. And a super mega thanks to the two commenters (!)!

Sarah 