Sunday, July 31, 2011

You are now in the presence of a Legendary Theurgist!

Yep! It's true! :D

I just hit level 60 a few days ago! And I tried out the Waterworks and everything!

Just thought I'd tell you. I wish I could show you pictures, but the only thing I actually got from the Waterworks were a pair of shoes. And I don't have any pictures. Sorry. :(

Needless to say I'm very happy. And I'll doubtless be running the Waterworks a few more times.

Still, I am a bit worried that I'll be a bit bored playing with a character that's already gone as far as she can go. So that's why I've decided to create an ENTIRELY NEW CHARACTER!

I know. Shocker. :P

Anyways, she's a Myth Wizard because even though it's my second school, I dont really know about any of the other spells they have and I'm curious as to what minions they can summon and such. Her name is Scarlet StoryWeaver (Appropriate? I'd say. :) ). And thanks to my exploits on Wizblox (Oh boy, Wizblox...much more on that later, I promise.), she's pretty much as decked out as a novice wizard can get.

Again, I wish I had pictures...but I dont.

And as for the story...

I hate to say it, guys, but I recently looked at it and didn't like where it was going at all. (Has that ever happened to you? Don't you hate it?) So, again, I hate to tell you, but...

Ithrewaboutfivewrittenpagesofmystoryinthetrashcan!!! D:

Now before you go and get mad at me, I was just about to get to the good part. I've pretty much more than made up for this, and I'm more than halfway done now. I should (emphasis on should) be done with the written part soon. Ish.


Now I'm going to ATTEMPT to work on my story, which will probably result in leaving five minutes into the attempt and going straight to the Wii to play Super Smash Bros Brawl (We rented it today to try it out and it is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.) and later join one of my dad's spontaneous karaoke parties.

Sarah Spiritheart (isnowlevel60yeahineedtostoptypinglikethis)


  1. *gasps* YOU HAVE BRAWL!

    ...Oh, um, congrats on becoming Legendary. BUT YOU'RE PLAYING BRAWL? Do you have Wi-Fi? If you have Wi-Fi, you NEED to give me your friend code so we can Brawl. I already have mine memorized, in fact (0989-3685-1816. ...Okay, I MIGHT have gone of Central to look up the first four numbers... but USUALLY I can remember it... sometimes...). I'd go easy on you, promise. Unless you turn out to be a prodigy and incredibly awesome at Brawling even though you're new to the game.

    No, really, I'm happy about you becoming Legendary. But I'm happier about Brawl. XD

    Btw... throwing out writing?! How could you? D: Even my sad first attempts at writing Zelda fanfiction are still hidden away in the depths of my computer!

  2. Wow! :D Thanks so much Sierra! But you should probably know that the last time we tried to hook up our Wii to Wifi ended up in complete failure...but I will definitely try again today! I hope it works this time...

    And don't worry about the writing...I DID throw it out at first, but after about ten seconds I recovered it again just in case I wanted to keep at least some part of it or I needed to use it to make a reference or whatever. I don't really Ike throwing out writing either. For example, I wrote this HORRIFIC story in maybe fourth grade, but I've kept it anyway just because it makes me laugh so hard when I reread it.

  3. I`m a Legendary Theurgist too! I also have a Myth character, but she`s still an Apprentice. Most of the early stuff is cool, the first two minions are an enchanted puppet (I think) that costs 0 pips and a Troll Minion that costs 1-3 pips. I don`t know about the other ones though. I think one is a Minotaur.
    The Troll quests are fun. No, I`m lying. Professor Drake keeps trying to get rid of you, he is such a Snape. Both of them had reasons, and both of them are not very well liked by most of thier students. Ah, well, gotta go before I ramble too much.
    ~Scarlet SilverWeaver
    Legendary Theurgist
    --Olivia TitanSpear
    Apprentice Conjurer

  4. @Scarlet/Olivia: Wow, no kidding! Thanks for the info, even though I'm pretty much already set on the first few spells. That first quest for Cyrus was pretty frustrating but also a bit comical. You're right...Cyrus absolutely would be the Snape of Ravenwood. And...Scarlet SilverWeaver, right? WOW, that sounds a lot like my new character...

  5. Yes, we have Animal Crossing for Wii. ;) I don't play it very often, though - it's my sister's game.

    Anyway... yeah, you need to rent Brawl again so we can play sometime! Did you register me at least? It says you didn't...

  6. Wow... okay, I just went to Part 3 and yeah, it DOES go to some random story. XDDD Lol, that's interesting. I guess I should e-mail KI about that... Now that I look at all my parts (to make sure there's no more Dylan stories) Part 7 doesn't begin right, either.

    Anyway... you might have registered me. It could have been my worthless Wi-Fi that was just being slow or something. ...Or I gave you the wrong code. Idk. And nickname doesn't matter for now, but it will change to whatever you have input once we're registered with each other. I'll be "Zelda" once I'm registered, okay?

  7. Great! :D Maybe you should try re-registering my code and I'll do the same for you. I'm in Pacific time zone... for now (long story).

    Btw, after reading it I realized that that Part 3 mix up was from a story called The Gathering. Wow, I remember that story. XD I was SO paranoid when I first started TToSW... I was sure they were copying me. Wonder how their story got there, though?

  8. My name will still appear on the list, but it should say "Awaiting registration" next to it, and the white area beneath it should say my code. If I was actually registered, it would say my status next to my name (offline, online, Brawling, awaiting Brawl, etc.) and beneath it would say... whatever I typed in there, which at the moment is "Triforce of Dinner." Long story.

    Perhaps it's my fault then. I'll register you again. In the meantime... let's set up a date for... like... the thirteenth or fourteenth? We can keep it at the same time (5 your time). Can you keep the game for that long? (I've never rented a video game from anywhere but the library, so I'd have no idea.)

  9. Okay. :D I'll remember. Good news: when I look, it says you're registered too. That's odd, though, that our nicknames didn't change. My avatar didn't register? It's Toon Link. Your nickname is still "Sarah" on mine, though. XD I guess we'll just have to see what happens when we try to Brawl!

    Btw, whenever we get around to it, during the Brawl the name above my head will be "Astro." Either that, or "Adlez" on rare occasions. If my sister joins, she'll be "Zelda" or "Aura." Will any of your siblings join?

  10. I'm on Brawl right now, waiting. Just log into Wi-Fi and join when you're ready. :)

    Sorry for not logging in... the computer's being weird. -.-

  11. OMG, I'm sorry for not replying earlier! I've been having some problems with blogger lately, and in real life as well, so... ugh, sorry. XD I wrote a big, huge long paragraph to you after Brawling, but my 3DS is stupid and wouldn't let me send it to you, even annoymously. I had to get on a real computer, and I'd forgotten until now...

    And even now Blogger is being stupid. It says my current account "doesn't have permission to access this page" when I try to post a comment. It's not just your blog, either... it happened on my other friend's, too.

    Anyway... Thanks so much for Brawling! You're pretty good for a beginner. You do you realize that more than one person can play at once, right? If you had another controller, your sister could have played too! All you have to do is press Start/+ on the second controller and it will ask me if it's alright to have another person join. I was just about to do the same with my sister, but then... um... in my haste, the Wii fell over, and it turned off, thus the reason I left. XD

    As for talking... I wasn't REALLY talking. Go to your friends' list, then select yourself (your own profile at the top in red). There it will have four different arrows. Type in messages in each of the arrows, and when you do your taunts, those messages will show up depending on which you do! That's what I was doing. ;) You know there's three different taunts? I don't know which controller you use, so I can't tell you how to use each one... but yeah. :P

    Hope we can Brawl again sometime! (Maybe my sister will join next time.)